Saltair Spa

Health Spa Packages

Please note: The Package Treatments are only available at the Saltair Health Spa Torquay

Pick Me Up Package

Feel the difference with our specialized massage and facial fusion. Promote muscle relief, then conclude with a tailored BABOR Mini Spa Facial. You will be back for more.

– 30-minute Saltair Massage
– BABOR Mini Spa Facial

Light Me Up Package

The Saltair specialist massage and facial fusion. Promote muscle relief, then conclude with our DOCTOR BABOR LED Skin Treatment. Light Therapy encourages present and ongoing healing – addressing all categories of regeneration making it optimal for skin ageing, scarring, bacteria, inflammation, and overall skin healing and skin rejuvenation.

– 30-minute Saltair Massage
– 30-minute LED Light Therapy

Floatation Therapy

Renew and restore your body, mind and soul in our state of the art flotation tank designed to relieve physical and psychological stresses with long term benefits.

Saltair Float & Massage Package

Indulge in the ultimate body and mind therapy package.

– Float: 60 minutes
– Saltair Massage: 60 minutes.

Body Therapy Package

Initiate circulation in the body with a muscle relieving sea salt exfoliation and warm shower to loosen the body before the Saltair Massage works into the problematic areas, then conclude your session with a tailored BABOR Mini Spa Facial

– Full body oil and salt infusion
– BABOR Mini Spa Facial
– Nourishing body ease massage

Restorative Deep Therapy Package

Find the energy with the effective Saltair full body massage, then promote skin healing with a decadent BABOR Luxury Facial. Take it one step further and enhance your session with an optional Full Body Salt Exfoliation.

– Saltair Massage: 60 minutes
– BABOR Luxury Facial: 60 minutes
– Option with Full Body Exfoliation.

Pregnancy Package

Walk away with physical release after a specialised Saltair Pregnancy Massage (on our designer pregnancy table) and a first-class BABOR Luxury Facial – a duo that restores and promotes circulation throughout the body and skin.

– Pregnancy Massage: 60 minutes
– BABOR Luxury Facial: 60 minutes

Detox Therapy Package

Stimulate detoxification in the body with a muscle healing sea salt exfoliation followed by our organic clay mud fueled with essential skin nutrients – whilst the product absorbs into the skin, a specialized tension release oil scalp massage will be performed. Conclude your session with an effective muscle ease massage to drain any remainder toxins and stress.

Body Relief Package

The ultimate Body Relief Package tailoring to all of your body’s needs
  • Floatation Therapy Session
  • Detox Therapy Package
  • Foot Treatment
  • Then take home a complimentary BABOR skincare gift pack

Health Spa Package

Promoting health for the body, mind and skin – stress will recoil as your body experiences a journey to a stronger skin barrier, muscle relief and optimal movement.

  • Full body oil and salt infusion
  • Silky mineral rich  body  clay
  • Warm oil tension release scalp treatment
  • Shower rinse
  • Saltair Massage
  • BABOR Luxury Facial