Health Spa Packages, exclusive to Torquay

Torquay’s Luxury Wellness Experiences

Incorporating the Healing Elements of Massage Therapy, Salt Invigoration, Mud Detox, Floatation Therapy, and BABOR’s Medical Skincare to provide the ultimate Wellness Packages, tailored to your needs.

Our Health Spa Facility’s Packaged Treatments are exclusively designed, and only offered at Saltair Health Spa, Torquay.


SigmassageFloat & Massage Package

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Feel release from the ultimate body and mind therapy package. Beginning with a peaceful journey in our DreamPod Floatation Tank, enjoy the serenity of complete peace and healing. Once ready, rinsing the Magnesium Salts away before commencing a 60 minute Saltair Massage, to work into areas of tension, loosened from the Float.

Inclusive of a 60min Float, and a 60min Saltair Massage.

FloattDreampod Floatation Therapy

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Renew and restore your body, mind and soul in our state of the art flotation tank designed to relieve physical and psychological stresses with long term benefits.

Options of 30, 60 or 90 minutes of Floating.

Please note: Exclusive to Saltair Health Spa Torquay.

Massage2rcect-3Saltair Body Therapy Package

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The Sea Salt Exfoliation promotes blood circulation and aids in the removal of dead skin cells, followed by a Warm Halo Rain Shower, which aims to loosen up the muscle tissue to allow for a Tension Relieving Massage, concluding with a Luxurious BABOR, tailored to your skin concerns.

Inclusive of a 30min Full Body Exfoliation, 30min BABOR Moisturizing Massage & 30min BABOR Spa Facial.

Massage1rect2Restorative Therapy Package

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Achieve Head to Toe Restoration with our specialized Package. Our Full body Saltair Massage aids in tension and muscle relief, followed by a tailored BABOR Luxury Spa Facial to promote skin healing and ease of facial muscle tightness. Include an optional Full body exfoliation to remove the dead skin prior to your Saltair Massage.

Inclusive of a 30min Full Body Exfoliation (optional), 60min Saltair Massage, 60min BABOR Luxury Spa Facial.

PregnancySaltair Pregnancy Package

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A Full Body Body Relief Package for a Mother to Be – Utilizing our Designer Pregnancy Beds for maximum comfort, feel the release of excess tension with the Skilled techniques of a Saltair Pregnancy Massage, followed by a customized Luxury BABOR Facial to Hydrate, and enhance Skin Health for a whole-body experience.

Inclusive of a 60min Saltair Pregnancy Massage, and a 60min BABOR Luxury Spa Facial.

Mud WrapDetox Therapy Package

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Stimulate detoxification in the body with a Full Body Salt Exfoliation, followed by an Organic Clay Mud Wrap fuelled with essential nutrients. As the mud develops, a Hydrating Hair Treatment will be expertly Massaged into the scalp for tension relief. Once the Mud has activated, you will be escorted to your own Private Halo Rain Shower to rinse off, and heat the muscle tissue in preparation for a Tension Relieving Massage duration of 30, 60 or 90mins. Walk away feeling the difference of pure detoxification.

Inclusive of a 60min Full Body Exfoliation, Organic Clay Cocoon Mud Wrap & Silk Hair Mask, and a 30, 60 or 90min Saltair Massage.

LuxuryfacialsmileSaltair Health Spa Package

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A Complete Full Body Wellness Package, to promote Strong and Healthy Skin, Muscles, and Body. An experience that is Detoxifying, Nourishing and Soothing from head to toe.

Inclusive of a 60min Full Body Exfoliation, Organic Clay Cocoon Mud Wrap & Silk Hair Mask, a 60 or 90min Saltair Massage, and a 60min BABOR Luxury Spa Facial.

Collagen-2Saltair Pick Me Up Package

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A 60min Massage and Facial Fusion, designed to alleviate stress and tension through the back, neck and shoulders, followed by a BABOR Spa Facial, focusing on hydration and overall skin health. Optional LED enhancement

Inclusive of a 30min Saltair Massage, and a 30min BABOR Spa Facial.

SeasaltSalt Exfoliation & Massage

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Start your experience with a Full Body Salt and Oil Exfoliation, aiding in Skin Cell Renewal, then Restoring Moisture back into the body with a BABOR Moisturizing Massage Application to complete the experience.

Inclusive of a 30min Full Body Exfoliation, and a 30min Full Body Moisturizer Application Massage.