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BABOR TECH – Ultrasound Therapy


See your skin improve with a deeper non-invasive treatment to regenerate collagen fibres.  A collagen building treatment for youthfully smooth, plumped and firm skin.  Treatment plans available.

  1. 30 mins: $80
  2. 60 mins: $160

DOCTOR BABOR – Collagen Booster Facial

A collagen building treatment for youthfully smooth, plumped and firm skin.

  1. 60 mins: $160

DOCTOR BABOR – Ultimate Vitamin C Treatment

A rejuvenating facial for all skin types, this facial offers a bright, even skin tone.   Skin becomes instantly firmer.  Includes a 10% fruit acid peel.

  1. 60 mins: $160

DOCTOR BABOR – Hydro Cellular Facial

Packed with triple-action hyaluronic acid and moisturising peptides for dry skin lacking in moisture. Thoroughly hydrates deep down. Smooths and vitalises.

  1. 60 mins: $180

DOCTOR BABOR – Lifting Cellular Recontouring Treatment

0% Injections – 100% Facelift.

  1. 75 mins: $240

BABOR TECH – Micro-Dermabrasion

Gently removes dead and dull layers of the skin.   Aiding in rejuvenation, improving the skins tone and texture.

  1. 60 mins: $160

DOCTOR BABOR – Purity Cellular Treatment

Ideal for blemished skin, aiding in reducing impurities.

  1. 60 mins: $180

DOCTOR BABOR – Hypersensitive Skin Treatment

An intensive facial for very sensitive irritated skin.

  1. 60 mins: $180

DOCTOR BABOR – Anti Couperose Treatment

Reduction of visible capillaries, leaving skin tone balanced with an even complexion.

  1. 60 mins: $180

BABOR TECH – Derma Visualizer

See how experience meets science with this Germany developed aid to precision skin care.

  1. 15 mins: $30