Facial treatments, Torquay

The world famous DOCTOR is in!   Choose from a range of professional-quality facial treatments which will have you glowing in no time. Improve a variety of skin concerns and maintain skin health with our cosmeceutical and medical grade skin care products.

DOCTOR BABOR – Ultimate Vitamin C Treatment

A rejuvenating facial for all skin types, this facial offers a bright, even skin tone.   Skin becomes instantly firmer.  Includes a 10% fruit acid peel.

  1. 60 mins: $160

DOCTOR BABOR – Collagen Booster Facial

A collagen building treatment for youthfully smooth, plumped and firm skin.

  1. 60 mins: $160

DOCTOR BABOR – Purity Cellular Treatment

Ideal for blemished skin, aiding in reducing impurities.

  1. 60 mins: $160

DOCTOR BABOR – Hypersensitive Skin Treatment

An intensive facial for very sensitive irritated skin.

  1. 60 mins: $160

DOCTOR BABOR – Anti Couperose Treatment

Reduction of visible capillaries, leaving skin tone balanced with an even complexion.

  1. 60 mins: $160

BABOR Mini Spa Facial

A mini Luxury Skin Care solution for everyone and every skin condition.

  1. 30 mins: $70

Oxygen Facial

Using Medical Grade pure oxygen gas – this is truly a breath of fresh air. Vitamins A, C, and E and essential minerals to regenerate and boost the health of every skin cell.   Instant fresh rejuvenated skin, glowing with good health that looks younger and younger with every treatment.

  1. 60 mins: $150

Heritagehealers – Grape Wine Peel

20% fruit acid complex to regenerate cellular renewal & revitalise the skin. *optional 60 mins with Collagen Face Mask

  1. 30 mins: $90
  2. 60 mins: $170*