Saltair Spa Port Melbourne Celebrates Silver Win at Melbourne Design Awards 2023 with Doot Design

We are delighted to announce that Saltair Spa Port Melbourne has achieved the prestigious ‘Silver’ award in the Melbourne Design Awards 2023. This remarkable accomplishment is a testament to the innovative design approach and meticulous execution carried out by Doot Design, the creative force behind this project.


Special recognition goes to Doot Design’s Project Team, with gratitude extended to Caryn Glozer, Design Director, and Andy Glozer, Project Designer, whose dedication and expertise played a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life.


At Saltair Day Spa, we understand the importance of offering world-class luxurious services complemented by an exceptional touch of opulence. From the moment our clients step through the front door, it is imperative that they are immediately immersed in lavish surroundings, and the award-winning fit-out achieves just that.


The design project carefully considered lighting, fixtures and finishes to create a magnificent spa environment. The combination of glass, metal cladding and high-end solid brass provides a modern charm and flair without compromising functionality. Notable design elements include a polished mirror finish on the big wave metal panel, offering a stunning focal point and the use of sprayed aqua gold on walls to enhance brass accents beautifully.


The reception area features a glass benchtop, a crucial design component ensuring clarity through the viewing window and fostering an open and inviting space. Lighting, both functional and visually appealing, includes recessed task lighting, concealed LED light strips, custom suspended pendant lights, and a dimmable wall light sculpture that adapts to the day’s needs.


Fixtures, such as soap holders, wall hooks, and brushed brass basin, were carefully chosen to offset the deep textured feel of the space, adding a beautiful contrast. The sitting area, designed for relaxation post-treatment, features luxe vinyl in Dover, providing a neutral warmth.


The unique character of Saltair Day Spa Port Melbourne lies in several key factors:


Innovative Design Approach: Departing from typical earthy tones, the design boldly embraces shiny surfaces and luxurious elements, setting the spa apart in its market.


Integration of Heritage and Modernity: Housed in a heritage 2-storey building, the design preserves original walls and structures while incorporating modern elements, creating a unique blend of old and new.


Customised Lighting Solution: Standout features include custom-designed pendants above the reception and stairwell, showcasing innovation and visual appeal.


Sustainable and Efficient Material Use: Kaolin’s 100% sustainable large format stone-look tiles reflect a commitment to sustainability.


Functional and Aesthetic Harmony: The design exceeds functional requirements while maintaining aesthetic coherence and luxury throughout.


Synergy with the Building’s Character: The design process was guided by existing features, optimising space and functionality while respecting the building’s character.


Attention to Detail: Every detail, from the restoration of handrails to gold trims on window frames, contributes to the overall elegance and luxury of the spa.


Saltair Day Spa Port Melbourne’s uniqueness lies in its successful fusion of heritage and futuristic luxury, innovative design solutions, sustainable material use, and meticulous attention to detail. We invite you to experience the culmination of these elements, creating a luxurious and memorable spa experience.