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Perfect your Spray Tanning in Torquay.

Posted on October 12, 2014

Your Guidance for the perfect Spray Tanning service in Torquay!

  • Be Prepared- Ensure you prepare your skin properly prior to your Spray Tanning. This includes exfoliating and moisturising the skin two days prior to your spray tan.
  • Avoidance- Avoid moisturisers, perfume and deodorant as well as tight clothing after tan application. Keep in mind if it’s going to be raining outside you’ll need an umberalla! You don’t want spots all over you! Stay dry by also avoiding activity that causes excessive perspiration during this activation period!
  • Waiting- Before showering or being exposed to moisture be aware of the length of time you need to wait for the tan to develop. Remembering that the residue will ‘wash away’ and your beautiful colour will remain!
  • The right products- Use tan-specific body washes, gradual tanning creams and enhances for at home tan maintenance.

As we pride ourselves as Spray tanning professionals in Torquay, it’s so important to acknowledge that in salon or day spa tanning application is only 50% of the total tanning service. It’s what you continue at home at that makes the other 50% of difference and care in lasting results. Providing the correct home advise, maintenance system, information and products is vital to ensure a natural looking tan at home with maximum ‘staying power’ that fades evenly.