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oxygen facial treatments in Torquay

Posted on November 30, 2015


Anti-Diffusion Eye Treatment

The Torquay sun, surf and wind will have you in need of some scheduled treatments and this new year we’re going big on the oxygen facialĀ !

Daylight savings hit, late nights, parties and the social scene sets in.. Then there’s the summer elements and we’re literally zapped dry! When all else fails and you’re after an instant ‘pick me up’ or ‘beauty flash’ type of treatment you can’t go past an oxygen facial. It truly is a breath of fresh air and perfect in the lead up and just prior to a special event or function.

Flooding the skin with millions of nutrient particles a second of pure O2 gas, Vitamins A, C and E and essential minerals to regenerate and boost the health of every cell. This adheres to the collagen and elastin molecules, thereby increasing the strength of these fibres. The results of this phenomenal treatment are seen by increased suppleness and elasticity of the epidermis. An instant fresh rejuvenated skin that glows with good health and looks younger and younger with every session. A natural face lift!

So if your feeling parched, sun baked out or just blown away from the Torquay extremities contact us and we’ll get you drenched in the right way!