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Torquay day spa shop tips for reducing skincare issues

Posted on October 25, 2016

imageSkincare tips from our Torquay day spa this week highlights the following:

Acne :  Use drawing clay masks that you can either spot treat or leave on overnight to ‘work the magic’. Gel-based cleansers such as our Lillypilly cleanser located in our day spa shop prep for the perfect canvas for oil free skin. Make sure you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals in your diet. Eating a variety of fruit and vegetables or adding daily supplements, and drinking plenty of water is a good way to get great looking skin.

Moisturise : Try using a moisturiser of some kind! We recommend at this time of year our BABOR Revitalizing Cream. Also spritzing with hydrating mists like our thermal spring water ‘Thermal Spray’ and keeping them on hand through the day even if it’s at your desk or in the office somewhere so you can ‘freshen up’. Spritzing over your makeup helps set it and gives you a hydrated glow, if you tend to be on the dryer/dehydrated side.

Products : When buying skincare products, always read the label carefully. Remember for those with sensitive skins – the fewer the number of ingredients, the healthier it is for your skin. Products that have more natural ingredients instead of pharmaceuticals and chemicals are less likely to cause allergic reactions and unwanted irritation. If you jump on board with ‘too much too soon’ without the proper skin preparation, breakouts can occur.

Sun damage : People who have damaged their face from the sun and from all that coastal living have many options to reduce ageing signs. Such as peels and nonsurgical facials containing Vit C, also ampoules, and boosters with Vit A and E can also dramatically improve the damage.

We hope that you have either reinforced your current knowledge, or learned something new from our advice from the day spa shop this week in Torquay.

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