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6 skin care tricks from our Torquay day spa shop

Posted on April 2, 2017

imageGet your skin in tip top shape with these few tricks from our online Torquay day spa shop, particularly when you need to look good in less than an hour!

Babor Ampoules – Instant. Visible. Beautiful. Specially formulated so that they can be absorbed by the skin exceptionally well without leaving a trace of residue, so that they can work effectively and take effect quickly!

Exfoliate- With our mild peeling ‘face peel’, suitable for all skin types (except a true sensitive), it is rich in sesame oil and Allantoin, with rounded peach kernels that do not scratch. Gently work this over your face for a few minutes. The enzymatic action works at a deep level, perfect before the next step! A very important skincare secret.

The facial mask- It’s best to apply a mask before you do your makeup. Our favourite for an instant glow is the extra firming foam mask pop on for 10mins. You want to tighten the pores, relieve tension and feed the skin!

Do some dry brushing- You can start by brushing your body before you get into the shower for two minutes a day to exfoliate your skin, stimulate collagen, assist the lymphatic system and firm your booty! Whilst the water is heating up your half way done!

Multitask in the shower- If you don’t want to sleep in a masque, (although our Bobor HSR lifting and extra firming mask is a brilliant ‘leave on overnight’ treat) we suggest putting one on 10mins before you take a shower. The steam will keep it nice and active, and then when you come out, you will be glowing!

Take a shot of Chlorophyll- Another quick fix is a shot of this magic juice in the morning before a long day. It actually gives you energy a will act as your skins saviour all day long. An internal skincare weapon!

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