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5 ways to prep for your Torquay accommodation ‘spa-cation’

Posted on November 18, 2017 massage treatments

Just one more day and you’re on the road, escaping the city traffic and ready to explore a beautiful part of our region. If you’ve planned ahead, though, you’re probably already booked at some gorgeous local Torquay accommodation, so you can unwind properly.¬†Wether it’s hotel style or resort accommodation by the beach, here’s how to ensure total bliss.

1.Book your spa appointments early:

Almost everyone else probably had the same idea! To avoid disappointment schedule your session asap, or better yet call ahead before arriving and let the spa know what your preference is when it comes to massage treatments.

2.Bathe and wash makeup off beforehand:

As a way of unwinding, the warm water releasing tension and feeling clean will prepare your body to soak up all the goodness of the oil blends as it gives your skin a real treat.

3.Don’t eat heavily and drink too much alcohol before your treatment:

Feeling full and uncomfortable is never a good idea and because certain therapies are detoxifying, bear in mind coming in dehydrated whilst stirring up toxins could become the opposite of relaxing!

4.Exercise before, not after massage treatments:

You’ll be feeling sleepy and lazy. After-all the whole point is to relax your muscles not tense them up again! If you must, then before your session is great as exercise releases lactic acid and massages help to flush that out, while reducing recovery time.

5.Come in early:

At least 15 minutes prior, ensuring your on time for treatments instantly de-stresses you knowing your there and on time. Breathtaking views over Torquay help the relaxation of your getaway kick in and after all you’re on a ‘spa-cation’!

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