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Treat yourself to a pregnancy massage in Torquay

Posted on March 28, 2018

Torquay is the ideal environment for your ‘mum to be’ journey. With plenty of fresh air, gorgeous beach walks, healthy minded funky cafes with many alternate therapies and support services to assist your very special time. Starting with all begins here.

The first step of a pregnancy massage treatment is to get comfortable. The vena cava is a large blood vessel to your heart, which lies along the back wall of your abdomen, next to your spine. Lying on your back the later stages of pregnancy can put pressure on this area, so it is more comfortable to lie on your side both when you sleep and when you’re receiving treatments, unless your on one of our purpose built/designed prenatal table that allows you to lay facedown.

Dedicated treatment tables are offered with a cut out for your belly to allow you to lie on your front. Some clients may choose not to have this option if there’s lower back issues, so laying side-on can also be made suitable. Cushions are also offered for support and comfort. A speciality formulated oil blend will also be used that’s deeply nourishing and greatly reduces stretch marks.

Techniques involved in the pregnancy massage employs gliding strokes and gentle kneading designed to improve circulation, soothe the muscles and make you more relaxed. A natural result helps to achieve physical, mental and hormonal balance. Pressure points will be avoided around ankles, wrists, hands and feet as these are believed to gently stimulate the pelvic muscles.

If you’re looking for a truly relaxing treat whilst your in Torquay even just visiting our beautiful destination and looking for some extra pampering during your very special time please contact us for more.