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Our favourite day spa luxury facials this month

Posted on June 16, 2018 performance facials torquay

If you still long for that youthful, smooth and plump skin from your youth and prime years then read on! Our indulgent Torquay premise specialises in luxurious day spa facials together with exceptional products and techniques that are used across the world. This month our favourite goes to our Babor High Skin Refiner Facial! This luxury treatment has amazing benefits and will leave you looking and feeling like your younger self in no time!

As quite a few day spa facials go, this is a 90 minute treatment which will help combat those lovable fine lines and wrinkles that you may simply want to diminish. It is scientifically designed to soften and turn back the appearance of ageing by using 5 high-performance ingredients that function together to reduce imperfections. This will ensure your skin is looking and feeling firmer, plumper and younger instantly.

Our Torquay therapists are trained to use specific and particular massaging techniques to help firm the epidermis and tighten the skins appearance. And as a result, as your skin becomes compressed it will be plumper with more resilience which allows your face to recover to its ‘childlike’ form, yes please!

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