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Therapeutic massage treatment a hit for our Torquay Clients

Posted on August 5, 2018

Running around after our kids and families can be tough work and often puts a lot of stress and tightness on our bodies and muscles. Consistent gym visits and runs along the beautiful Coastal Torquay beaches can also put a strain on our bodies without proper stretching and after care. A firm, good and consistent therapeutic massage treatment could be just the thing you need to relieve your aching bodies.

What is involved in a therapeutic massage?

A specialised technique that works on manipulating the soft body tissue – (connective tissue, muscle, ligaments and tendons) to help relieve muscle pain and stress. Each massage is tailored to the individual whilst focusing on your main areas of concern. Our therapist all have a little individual take on their style in helping to reduce stress and stiffness.

Post treatment

Be sure to give yourself plenty of down time and time to relax after your treatment as you may feel a little sore or tired after having your muscles worked on. Relax, unwind and enjoy the beautiful hills of Torquay as you laze around in our post relaxation lounge with a warm and delicious cup of herbal tea. To help assist the flushing of the toxins that have just been stirred make sure you are drinking plenty of water – Something you should try to do on a regular basis anyway!

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