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Calming day spa packages just outside of Melbourne

Posted on September 4, 2018 Day Spa Packages Melbourne

We love each and every one of our relaxing day spa packages and have a variety of treatment combinations available, but this week we are loving one of our all-time favourites – the warm body mud wrap. This wholesome cocoon which is specifically designed to help refresh and hydrate the skin is a winner amongst our Melbourne clients. Here’s why we are loving this treatment…

A combination of herbal pastes, clays and soothing creams create a remedial mask which is then concealed by a thermal covering. Our exclusive blend of ylang ylang, native mandarin and macadamia nut oil are the key ingredients for our refreshing and soothing mud formula. These ingredients were carefully formulated to have a curing effect on the body whilst also providing relaxation.

There are numerous key benefits of a mud cocoon treatment including:

– The removal of dead skin cells
– Hydrating and firming looking and feeling skin
– A curing effect which relaxes and soothes muscle tightness and tension
-Improves circulation
-Absorbs and draws out toxins in the skin

If these benefits aren’t enough to draw you in then I don’t know what will! One of our most popular day spa treatments amongst our Melbourne clients and is one that is sure not to be missed.

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