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Acne Reduction and Education Torquay

Posted on May 23, 2019

Whether you’re 12 or 60, anyone can become a victim to an impure skin. However, the causation of said skin type/condition can variate over a large board of root problems, which means there is no one solution to acne. An incorrect approach can increase the symptoms, and even lead to further associating skin conditions – This is why it’s so important refrain from self-diagnosis, and see a skin specialist.

Majority of public education on the matter focuses towards the negative stigma that is associated with sebum production; as an excessive oil flow tends to be one of the more commonly known symptoms. Whilst that is applicable in some cases, it’s important that we take a moment to understand what oil flow is both responsible for, and what the skin is trying to tell us is going on within the body by initiating this “panic response” before treating it.

Fortunately for Torquay, Saltair Day Spa has accumulated a number highly trained skin therapists that specialize in problematic skin, and are dedicated to re-establishing normalization within the skin. Once we understand the skin, we have the power to take action. As the appropriately tailored “health building” skin-care is placed into your routine, it can have a tremendously positive impact on the development of the skins well-being; further implementing specially designed Medispa Facials in conjunction can then aid in accelerating results in turn.

If you’re sick of throbbing acne, endless pustules and impure skin, don’t hide your skin behind makeup – Contact Saltair day spa. We provide more than just treatments and skin care, we provide support and education to every client that walks through our doors.