Saltair Spa

Torquay beauty salon encourages skin health

Posted on May 15, 2019

How we do promote “skin health”?

Our body’s biggest organ is often the one that we tend to neglect the most; our skin. With a lack of credible knowledge sources available to educate us about our skins health, it’s no wonder that we fall victim to feeding our skin ‘junk food’ rather than the nutrients that it needs to grow, glow and prosper. That’s why it’s important to seek aid from your local beauty salons.

Saltair Day Spa has been fortunate enough to snatch up some of the highest educated beauty therapists in the industry, each specializing in a different expertise of skin health varying between conditions and function – but all working towards the same goal; optimal skin development. In conjunction with the use of Germany’s most luxurious skin care brand BABOR ONLINE, Saltair’s specially trained skin therapists have been granted the opportunity to both treat and achieve incredible results for each of their clients.

Contact Torquay’s local beauty salon Saltair Day Spa for a BABOR Medispa Facials or Luxury Spa Facials to ensure that you’re feeding your skin nothing but the best nutrients source available; because taking care of our health is not a luxury, it’s our duty.