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What Is Beta Glucan?

Posted on July 9, 2020


In the past this powerful ingredient has often been overlooked as an independent active but has finally found the spotlight in a recent article by Kosmetic Immunity, being recognized [and highlighted]  as a “silent contributor” to skincare.

So what is beta glucan? Derived from yeast, beta glucan is an ingredient with anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties which act to soothe, strengthen and protect the skin.

If you suffer from chronically irritated skin and are looking for a product to relieve this stress, it’s time to add beta glucan to your routine. Despite remaining relatively unknown, beta glucan has always been a silent yet active component of skincare products.  

Here at Saltair Day Spa we like to call this our ‘Fire Extinguisher’. Traditionally used mainly in the treatment of eczema, the benefits of beta glucan are now more widely recognized in the relief of  redness and itching in all kinds of irritated skins.  

If your skin is sensitive or just in need of a little strength and protection, this product is for you.  

Say goodbye to hot, itchy, red and inflamed skin! There is no need to suffer any longer with this magical treatment in a bottle! Not only will you give your skin the relief it’s been craving but you will also be ensuring your skin is strong enough to stay protected against environmentally induced ageing.

Contact your nearest Saltair Spa so that we can help you ease your skin of stress and irritation. Together, let’s strengthen your skin’s immune system with our specialized  DOCTOR BABOR PRO Beta Glucan Concentrate. A highly concentrated, intensive skin serum formulated without any additional synthetic fragrances or colorants in order to optimally care for your skin.