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Posted on July 9, 2021 hand and foot treatment

From person to person, the word “luxury” develops its own personalized description, one that resonates with what we view to be beyond our core necessities. For the most part of 2020 and onwards, during such a trying time of hardship and uncertainty, we have universally found a greater perspective of what we define as a necessity for our happiness, health and well being. And as a result, self care has sky rocket.

As humans, we unite together in the feeling of our own psychological and socioeconomic strains associated with our (seemingly never ending) snap lockdowns that we have been either been enduring or anticipating over the last 2 years. Over time, as our minds grow and develop stress, the stress begins to spread, and reveal itself in our physical health.

This is why wellness services are vital for staying 1 step ahead, and it’s important to explore your options. Where we carry our tension is our bodies way of telling a story of what has been going on in our lives, but which service is best for alleviating our personal physical stresses?

Massage therapy:

A full body massage with the complimenting Saltair oils is at most times the key to a [stress induced] psychological rejuvenation – the release from oxygenating the knots in our body is a sensation that [whilst may be uncomfortable] creates a feeling of sweet relief within our body, minds and soul.

Facial Therapy:

With the primary places of tension localizing at the neck, shoulders, jaw, scalp and temples, it’s been emphasized that a facial is one of the most effective method for massage therapies to be applied – with focus into the facial pressure points, the neck, shoulders and scalp, facial therapies have become a higher rated experience in relieving stress in both men and women.

Float Therapy:

Isolation deprivation creates a space that’s specifically for you, and whilst being immersed with muscle soothing magnesium, you practically feel your tension float away. Floating creates a warm and nurturing space to practice meditation, sleep and re-connect with your inner self. This service can also be added to any Saltair service (Health Spa only) for an extended time out.

Understanding the benefits of releasing muscle tension is familiar for most, but it’s time that we also direct focus into the psychological benefits – having an hour to ourselves can be a large rarity, but putting that aside to know that you’re about to walk away spending the next month a happier and more relaxed person makes booking essential. Make your self, and self care essential.

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