Waxing and sugaring treatments, Torquay

Get Sugared!  It is the best kept hair-removal secret right now.  Nothing is left but smooth, glowing skin.  More hygienic, non toxic, much gentler on the skin and zero sticky residue!  Yes please..

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What is Body Sugar Epilation?

Professional Body Sugar Epilation is a safe, gentle and effective solution to hair extraction.

The most important advantage is very fundamental: the Alexandria technique and sugar paste extracts the hair in its natural direction of growth and does so when the hair is still in the early growth stage.

This eliminates breakage, unnecessary discomfort, irritation and ingrown hairs while exfoliating dry skin cells.

The result: smooth, beautiful skin, without the discomforts of other epilation techniques.

‘Tidy Me Up’ Package – $120 – Brazilian (or G-String), Underarm, Eyebrow & Tint.

‘Ready for the Weekend’ Package – $140 – 1/2 Leg, Brazilian (or G-String), Underarm & Eyebrow.

‘The Works’ Package – $190 – Full Leg, Brazilian (or G-String), Underarm, Eyebrow & Lip.

Facial Sugaring
All facial treatments (excluding eyebrows) include Hungarian Wellness Mud Mask to detoxify the
follicle & Injabulo to calm & nourish both your skin & follicle to help prevent histamine reactions
commonly caused by vellus hair (fine hair) extraction.
Eyebrow  $25
Upper Lip  $35
Chin  $35
Upper Lip and Brow  $50
Cheeks $40
Full Face $64
Body Sugaring
Your therapist may recommend for both men & women a specialised detoxifying mud mask
followed by Phenomen-all to intensively repair & hydrate the skin post sugaring treatment. Your
therapist will explain how it can benefit your skin – Extra cost of $15 – $20 per area
Full Legs  $63
3/4 Legs $52
1/2 Legs $42
Full Arms $42
Under Arm  $23
Intimate Sugaring
Bikini  $37
G-String  $62
Brazilian  $67
Buttocks  $35
Bikini & 1/2 Legs  $70
G-String & 1/2 Legs  $90
Brazilian & 1/2 Legs  $99
Mens Facial Sugaring
Guy Brow Tidy  $20
Uni Brow  $15
Nose  $20
Mens Body Sugaring
Full Torso  $125
Full Arms  $58
Chest  $63
Stomach  $45
Full Back incl. Shoulders  $90
Half Back  $45
Full Legs  $78
3/4 Legs  $65
1/2 Legs  $55
Buttocks (cheeks)  $50



For all of our regular Sugaring clients use the Alexandria Professionals VIP Rewards Cards.



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This program is designed to optimize the condition of your skin between treatments with a little homecare to achieve amazing skin as well as best hair removal for your skin available worldwide.   The Full Circle Program will also help to eliminate and prevent ingrown hair problems that you may have found in the past.


Please ask our skincare experts about how this can be achieved through Sugaring!


Bikini – Basic Bikini outside of the underwear line

G-String – 1 inch inward from the underwear line & 1 inch down from the top of the underwear line

Brazilian – 4 – 6 weeks growth (extra charge for trimming may apply)

Full Torso – Front, Full Back and Shoulders

Uni Brow – Between the Brow



Advantages of Alexandria Professional Sugaring Alexandria Sugaring Waxing
Hair removed in its natural direction of growth Yes No
Removal discomfort is significantly reduced Yes No
Hair isn’t broken off from it’s root Yes No
Hair follicles aren’t torn causing infection Yes No
Hair grows back unified in its anagen phase Yes No
Hair removal intervals are extended Yes No
Hair removed as short as 1.5mm Yes No
Effective as little as 2 days after shaving Yes No
‘Ingrowns’ from shaving/waxing are removed Yes No
‘Ingrowns’ are virtually eliminated Yes No
100% eco-friendly (you can eat it) Yes No
100% bacteria free (sugar is antibacterial) Yes No
100% Free from cross contamination Yes No
100% dissolvable (no accidental spills) Yes No
100% hair removal achievable with treatment Yes No
100% Free of artifical frances and colours Yes No
Natural ingredients vs. chemical based Yes No
Won’t burn or sensitise the skin Yes No
Won’t cause unnecessary skin cell removal Yes No
Safe on varicose and spider veins Yes No
Safe on dry, itchy, psoraisis or eczema skin Yes No
Penetrates to lift debris/dead cells, unclogs pores Yes No
Leaves no sticky residue Yes No
Most economical Yes No
A truly global brand with 20 years of performance Yes No

In addition to our waxing and tinting treatments, our day spa offers derma-cosmeceutical treatments and relaxation massage.