De-stress Before The Wedding At Saltair

A wedding is the one of the largest events majority of us spend countless years dreaming about as a child, and well into our adulthood. From flicking through scrap books and magazines, or scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram, we stumble across glamorous ideas that help us paint a picture of our perfect day. Whether you’re to be a bride or groom, we all want our fairy tale day to come true.

However, what we don’t realize is the pressure that comes behind making sure that every single little detail is perfect order for our big day to run smoothly.

For a lot of us, the actual planning of our wedding is slightly different to what we envisioned. During this process, we tend to hold a lot of stress that transitions into our physical health and mental health; tight shoulders, stiff body, tension headaches, sleepless nights, family stresses, and worrying about everything else in between – making pre-wedding relaxation a high priority on our checklist. When we look into the benefits of the treatments themselves, we can see why they come at such high demand during wedding planning.

At Saltair, we understand – our Day Spa Packages are specially designed to relax the mind and the body, and let you unwind. Or even more so, tend to those knots that have been developing during planning! And as equally lusted, our Luxury Spa Facials & Medispa Facials can be tailored towards your skin health, and further address any concerns that need a little extra focus on – treating your skin to a facial will provide multiple benefits ranging from
– hydration
– firming and tightening
– softening the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles
– reducing blemishes/pore size
And most importantly brightening the skin for the beautiful wedding day glow.

To get in your pre-marriage bliss, Contact Saltair day spa today!