Saltair Spa

DOCTOR BABOR Purity SOS De-Blemish Kit



Multifunctional product to reduce blemishes and irritations. The combination of active ingredients of the De – Blemish Cream reduces blemishes, acute spots and sebum production and mattifies the skin. De – Blemish Powder, mixed with the De – Blemish Cream, supports the healing process of blemishes overnight. It promotes the regeneration of the skin and effectively reduces blemishes.

The D – Actryl 360 ° Complex attacks on several levels of pimple formation:
– E.chlorantha extract reduces the sebaceous glands size and thus the production of sebum.
– Extract of Poria Cocos minimizes the stress-related irritation of the skin, normalizes sebaceous gland function and supports the skin barrier.
– Zinc PCA supports the decay of blemishes overnight.
– Vitamin C promotes skin regeneration.
– Microsilver and carnation oil help fight pimple causing bacteria.

Day: Apply the cream in the morning after cleansing.
Night: Use the cream without addition of powder or with the powder (2: 1). Therefore mix in the palm of your hand and apply on the skin.
Selective application: Mix the cream with the powder (1: 1). Apply locally on spots and blemishes.